Professional cleaner cleaning table

Our specially trained cleaning and disinfection technicians will manually clean and disinfect your entire facility using specialist equipment, inclusive of personal protective equipment (PPE) and approved high-level surface disinfectants and cleaners. They will go through the contaminated rooms and areas systematically and they will ensure that cleaning and sanitization is performed at all the key touch points and surfaces in your facility.


Preventative Maintenance:

Cleaning and Sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of frequently
touched surfaces will be required to reduce the risk of germs and viruses.


Emergency Sanitization & Services:

Sanitization options that have been specifically tailored for instances where there has been a confirmed, suspected, or probable case of COVID-19.

Professional cleaner cleaning table

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Transcend Limited offers a wide range of janitorial services to clean and sanitize your school, office, gym, commercial building or facility.

We evaluate your needs and we work with you to create a cleaning schedule and tailor our services to fit your needs and your budget.

Our Staff members are carefully vetted and provided with company uniforms, so you will be able to recognize our staff in an instant.

Transcend can also manage your restroom supplies and consumables as a service. We can provide you with a quotation for your most frequently used supplies and replenish as necessary. All the services under one roof, saving your company time and money.

Transcend Limited allows you to focus on running your business, and we can take care of the maintenance.

Professional cleaner cleaning table

Sanitary Bin Services and Supplies


Transcend offers a complete service which includes disposal services for all our bins, so your sanitary
waste will be disposed of in a hygienic and safe manner.

Discreet and hygienic

No touch and discreet feminine waste disposal for your female washroom visitors.

Latest antibacterial technology

Making them the best way to help prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

Multiple options to choose from

Unique and modern designs to complement any environment. Bins are available in automatic or
manual with foot pedal.

Professional cleaner cleaning table

Hygienic Toilet Seat Services and Supplies

Intelligent and a self-cleaning toilet seat cover technology

Automatic Sensor Operated Hygienic Toilet Seat Cover Replacement

Wave hand in front of the sensor or with the press of a button the seat is replaced, giving every user a new, fresh and clean seat

Rechargeable battery

Consumables: Only refill rolls. No other items required.



General Maintenance

Are you ready for the most thorough cleaning ever? We offer general facilities cleaning and maintenance services to keep your office, medical facility, learning institution or restaurant neat, tidy & bright.


Blinds Cleaning

We excel at cleaning all brands of blinds including fabrics, metal, wood, aluminium and other materials. Let us make your blinds look new and fresh. Transcend Limited will help you get rid of those stubborn blind stains too.


Carpet Cleaning

We begin our carpet cleaning service with a complete examination of your carpet. Our cleaning specialists extract ground-in dirt and debris from your carpet. We even deodorise your carpet leaving it smelling new & fresh.


Upholstery Cleaning

Is your upholstered furniture getting a workout? Get a refreshing upholstery cleaning service that extends the life of your furniture and is healthy and safe for your kids and pets. Let us bring a new life to your living space.

Floor cleaning

Floor Care

When it comes to floor care, our experts can strip, seal and polish – terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum, poured, asphalt, red clay, marble, wood, wood cork & rubber tiles like no others. We can work on non-resilient or hard floors. We will restore your ceramic tile and grout to look like new.


Kitchen Janitorial Services

Enjoy quality kitchen cleaning services customised exactly to your needs with us! You can count on our professionals for degreasing of your commercial kitchen stoves, grills, expelair fans and screens.


Flood Restoration

We have skilled and trained professionals for offering flood damage restoration services. We fulfil every challenge with professionalism. Let us reduce the impact of flooding and water damage in your facility in Trinidad.



We deliver a complete range of commercial painting services – be it a single room or a complete building. Save your precious time and money; we will complete the job on-time and within budget.

Upholstery cleaning




Hire professionals from Trinidad Limited for the maintenance of your home. Be it daily home cleaning services or weekly or monthly cleaning services, we will tailor our cleaning programme according to your needs.



Colour your home with Transcend Ltd. for a hassle-free home painting experience. We can deliver a variety of makeover ideas to you. Beautify your home with our painting services. Let us give colour to your imagination.


Specified Cleaning & Detailing

Each cleaning is unique and depends on our client’s needs. We offer full service residential, detailed and client specified house cleaning services. Sit back, relax and enjoy a clean, productive and pleasant home environment.

Professional cleaner cleaning table


Parking Lot Maintenance

Do you want to increase the lifespan of your parking lot? Well, then, you should pay attention to its proper maintenance. Make your parking lot as attractive as the interiors of your facility. Our experts can help you maintain your parking lot.


Power Washing

Whether it is power washing of building walls, drains, yards or driveways, you can count on Transcend Limited for all. For your residential and commercial pressure washing needs, look no further than us in Trinidad.


Roof Cleaning

We provide safe, high-quality roof cleaning services throughout Trinidad at affordable prices. Our professionals are equipped to handle your entire roof cleaning needs. Make your home more aesthetically pleasing.


Window Cleaning

Keeping windows clean can be a difficult task. This is why we provide high-quality window cleaning using the best products for a gleaming, streak free window shine. Get in touch with us and describe your window cleaning needs to us.

Roof cleaning

Construction Clean Up

Our professionals are sure that they will deliver a sparkling clean home or facility to you after the construction work. Let us deep clean your home from top to bottom. Hire us today, and have an amazing experience.


After-Event Clean Up

We offer post-event cleaning services in Trinidad. Are you planning a large event at your home, office, or any other location? Call Transcend Ltd. and schedule our team to come out and clean up after the event.


Lawn Maintenance

Strong trees and plants start at the roots. This is why it is essential to keep your lawn healthy and well- maintained. At Transcend Ltd., our team takes a holistic approach to providing quality lawn maintenance services.


Bin Rental and Garbage Disposal

We provide bin rental services to Trinidad. With our wide range of bin rentals, we can take care of your disposal needs. We want to be the garage disposal company you turn to for all your residential and commercial requirements.

Window cleaning service